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Innovation, modularity and security are the main features of ITOH DENKI products, enabling customers to create cutting edge logistics technology / solutions. Our complete range of DC motorized rollers with integrated or external circuit boards, along with a large range of avalaible options, allow you to find the best suited solution for your specific need. Based on decades of continuous development, our products integrate advanced electronic technologies designed to be energy efficient and guarantying an extended service time.


Presentation RM 2019 EN

With external circuit board

The circuit board is separated from the gear-motor, which is integrated inside the roller. This optimizes the performance and durability of the roller, and offers diverse functions such as pulse signals, acceleration/deceleration, dynamic brake, optional positioning holder, error signal, etc.The assembly can be controlled by PLC. Some models provide Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) function thanks to the HB circuit board, to allow separate management of the zones and secure transport of the conveyed loads.
RM external circuit board

With integrated circuit board

The circuit board and gear-motor are integrated within the roller to give a higher level of IP protection, easy wiring with M8-5pins connector and space saving. It can be easily controlled by: PLC, Asi-Bus via Bihl+Wiedemann module, PEPPERL+FUCHS, logic sensors with integrated ZPA from Wenglor, etc.
 RM internal circuit board