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   Circuit boards with ZPA logic   

HB510 / HB510B

The electronic Circuit Board HB510P is used to control Power Moller® 24 brushless DC motors without a built-in electromechanical brake. It is compatible with series PM500FE and PM605FE. It can only be used in conjunction with single motors, but has an output to synchronize operation with additional motors/circuit boards in the same zone.It performs the following functions:
  • Principle function: Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) for singulated and train (slug) release of totes
  • Flexible zone recognition (patented)=ZPA for common load lengths OR varying load lengths
  • Creation of consistent load spacing in both modes of ZPA (train or singulation)
  • Inversion of the direction of rotation according to the motor used
  • Synchronized speed variation of multiple zones (30 motors max)
  • Error signal output
  • Sensor status output
  • Configuration of input logic to PNP or NPN (under the protection casing, default setting to be defined when ordering)
  • Configuration of output logic to PNP or NPN using a dipswitch
  • Inversion of the direction of travel and logic for the defined zones (a single circuit board will transmit the instruction to a maximum of 30 zones via the communications cable)
  • Speed selection via a rotary selector (10 fixed speeds)
  • Sensor timer
  • Switches rollers off after a false start
  • Run holding timer
  • Energy saving function of the driving roller
  • Jam/blockage detection
  • Switches roller off upon detection of jam/blockage
  • E-Stop facility
For modifications to the circuit board program please consult us.
The board delivers a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controlled by a magnetic pulse sensor built into the motor.


The circuit board HBK-608 with control logic of zones (Zero Pressure Accumulation ZPA) allows traceability of load to transport. It can control 1 or 2 motorized roller serie PM605KT, with the possibility of selecting the acceleration or deceleration time. This function is useful for transferring pallets loaded in height in the best conditions.