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Itoh Denki range

    500ME 2025x HB-510-P-06MODULE F-RAT SEUL

Discover our motorized roller, circuit board, modules range...

ITOH DENKI has all the solutions for your conveyors.

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Our products in application

Euronegoce - France

Euronegoce - France


Chivas - UK

Chivas - UK


Royal Mail - UK

Royal Mail - UK






home module

No pneumatics needed, 24v MDR controls all lifting & transfer operations Fits into existing motor roller conveyor frames.

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home application

Innovation, modularity and security...the key components of our products, to guarantee a supply chain at the forefront of technology.

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Markets & references

home market

The Itoh Denki products are recognized worldwide in all business fields...                                                                                

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Company profile

Pioneer, developer and leader in motorized rollers and automated systems.

During the last 70 years ITOH DENKI has become recognized throughout the world for the design, manufacture and marketing of motorized rollers and automated systems adapted for the most innovating logistics.


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